After 22 years, Nintendo releases Pokemon Snap Sequel

Although I didn’t own a Nintendo 64 or Pokemon snap as a kid. I vividly remember going into Blockbuster and playing it while my parents chose what movie they wanted to rent. Although the premise was simple, trying to get the perfect angle and perfect pose of that Pokemon for the perfect shot made the game more of a personal challenge than a competition for a high score.

In the 22 years since Pokemon Snap’s release, Nintendo has never released a sequel. Tomorrow, that changes with the release of the New Pokemon Snap.

Not much has changed with the game’s core mechanics, it is still an on-rails “shooter”, and your photos will be given a rating on a four-star scale. However with the addition of 700 additional Pokemon from the games released in the last decade, and the generational improvements of gaming consoles overall, you can expect that there will be some modernization in this version.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo EShop


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