Nvidia re-limiting crypto mining on RTX-3060 cards

When Nvidia originally limited the hash rate on RTX-3060 cards, it didn’t take long for hackers to come up with a workaround. Then in March, a driver update inadvertently unlocked the limiter unleashing the card’s true mining potential.

Now Nvidia is making an attempt to get back to limiting the has rate on 3060s with a new driver update released yesterday:

In addition, newly produced 3060s will be given a different PCI Device ID to prevent them from being used with older unlocked drivers.

It is expected that Nvidia will apply this to a number of other 30 series models as well, although certain models like the TRX 3090 may not end up with a limiter due to its high price tag.

We will have to see how long these changes will last before hackers are able to break through them to unlock the full hash rate on these cards.

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