Virtual Desktop adds 120Hz support ahead of Air Link

Shortly after the launch of the original Quest, Virtual Desktop enabled users to stream PC VR games to the quest. This allowed users to play games they already owned on Steam and Vive, as well as leverage the power of their PC to render the game.

Facebook’s VR team told Guy Godwin to remove the feature from the store or risk repercussions. Godwin complied, but also released a patch that allowed the savvy to re-enable the feature.

Later Facebook would introduce its own streaming software called Air Link, and reverse its decision to allow Virtual Desktop to enable streaming as well.

Now Godwin is pulling ahead of Facebook’s VR development team once again by opening up the ability to stream 120Hz to the Quest 2.

I personally need to get around to trying out wireless streaming, and now having a higher refresh rate to test just might be the motivation I needed to try it.

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