iOS 14.5.1 is slowing devices as much as 60%

iOS 14.5 was an update I have been looking forward to. Personally, it was the most exciting update for me since the release of 3D Touch or Force Touch back in iOS 13. iOS 14.5 introduced the ability to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch, solving the year-old pandemic problem of trying to use FaceID with a mask on,

However, since its release, iOS 14.5 has become a headache for many users. First iOS 14.5 introduced two huge security flaws that if exploited could allow remote takeover of a device. Apple responded by immediately releasing 14.5.1 to fix those bugs, and now it appears that 14.5.1 has decreased the performance of devices by almost half.

A 60% performance decrease is huge, put in perspective, that means that iPhone 12’s are performing like 2018 iPhone XR’s, and iPhone 11’s are performing like a 2016 iPhone 7.

Apple has yet to make a statement about the widely reported issue, hopefully, they are able to resolve it quickly.

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