Cloudflare wants to move from CAPTCHA to hardware keys

Solving CAPTCHAs can be a frustrating process, especially when they don’t work correctly. They can also be frustrating for businesses as CAPTCHAs can cause friction for users, encouraging them to go somewhere else.

Cloudflare wants to get rid of the CAPTCHA, and it is proposing a solution of using a hardware key with a system it calls “Cryptographic Attestation of Personhood.” It may involve using a USB security key that you push a button on or tapping an NFC-capable smartphone.

Cloudflare also admits that the proposed system isn’t perfect as all it will really do is confirm that you’re using a trusted security key.

Personally, although I’m not thrilled about the thought of having to use another piece of hardware to authenticate websites, I am willing to put up with it to avoid some of the headaches I go through with CAPTCHA and other two-factor authentication.

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