NASA fixes Hubble Space Telescope after 5 weeks

The Hubble Space Telescope, which has been in service for 31 years, experienced a problem on June 13th that placed the instruments in a safe configuration and suspended operations.

NASA has been working non-stop since to try to find and isolate the issue. Although it’s still not completely clear which piece of hardware is at fault, engineers were eventually able to bring it back online using backup hardware.

NASA suspects there could be an issue with the telescope’s Power Control Unit that triggered a failsafe and shut down the payload computer, or there could be an issue with the failsafe itself.

Each piece of Hubble’s hardware has a backup in case it fails. In a piece of equipment like the Hubble Space Telescope, this is very important since they can’t see or touch the telescope while trying to troubleshoot issues. NASA no longer even has the means to launch astronauts to the space telescope to try to perform repairs.

Thankfully this time NASA was able to get the telescope to start working again on backup hardware, including the backup payload computer. It will still take a few days to get the computer loaded with up-to-date software and all the instruments re-calibrated. NASA expects to start observations again within a week.

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